Quincy Coleman

“This unsigned artist could surely be listed among some of the great female singer-songwriters of our generation.”

- The Philadelphia Hawk

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Saturday April 6, 2019

New Filmmakers Los Angeles Awards

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After a stage 4 cancer diagnosis in 2009, the calling of my heart became less about music as a business and more about music as a service. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would write again as I had passionately and comfortably embraced the role of singing traditional Hindu chants and devotional songs as a service. Lo and behold, after a 7 year hiatus, songs started to write through me again. In the Summer of 2016, I sat down to consciously compose a Universal Prayer for the world to sing and, “I Am That I Am” was born.  Months later, after a closer study of The Lord’s Prayer, which I found to be rich with inspiration and Universal Truth, I was given this melody and rhythm and titled it, “The Great Prayer”. While I am not affiliated with ANY organized religion, I celebrate the belief that, Truth is One, Paths are Many. My respect and gratitude run deep for all the examples of an awakened and aligned life. It is this Universal energy, at times called Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Moses, Muhammad, Jehovah, Sita Ram, Consciousness, Infinite, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, the North, South, East and West…and many many more, all at once and unarguably….Love…it is this Universal Energy, this Universal Truth, this Universal Love, that vibrates within and without all life and all space in between, that I pray to and from.

And so, I celebrate YOU in whatever way you celebrate LOVE…and so it is.