I voted...meanwhile...(see more)

I am grateful for the mirror that is held up before me ESPECIALLY the golden haired, finger pointing, name calling mirrors framed with fear..as it is my duty to recognize myself in every single being ESPECIALLY those that trigger me. It might not look exactly the same but if I’m brutally honest and willing to be totally responsible for my thoughts, words and actions, it is this exact same fear in me, like an insatiable beast poised to pounce from the sidelines of my Soul, that I choose to either attack from or tame. It’s imperative as my humbling honor to take responsibility for the reflection of darkness in the world that is also in me in order for the healing to truly take place, transform and take off on the unstoppable wings of REAL Oneness born out of compassion, forgiveness and love...for myself and others including the golden haired, finger pointing, name calling, voices of fear. Let’s be honest, the chattering and spattering of fear takes place within the Oval Office of ALL our minds so today and everyday, I vote for the voice of Consciousness and Unity to govern as the CEO of my life bringing me back Home to my heart where freedom, peace, and love always win! Shit, this race between fear and love isn't easy nor is it consistent but it is what I am here to experience, navigate and aim to master...when I remember. 
And so the dance unfolds of remembering and forgetting, distracting and focusing, blaming and owning, attack and accountability, separation and unity and ultimately closing the gap so that I can catch myself before the fall and fly!

writingsQuincy Coleman